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Fern Fossils

8×5" SEED RARE Museum Quality, White Carboniferous St Clair PA Fern Fossil


FOSSILS PLANT Sphenopteris amoena.Carboniferous fern from Lc7


Beautiful Carboniferous fossil fern - Pecopteris


Rare Namurian guide fossil plant Neropteris rarinervis Medullosean seed fern


Very rare primitive leaflets namurian fossil plant fern Sphenopteris subsouichi


Rare pre dinosaur fossil plant fern Sphenopteris delavali Zeiller


Very Rare classic fossil plant pyritized fern with perfectly preserved venation


FOSSILS PLANT Palmatopteris sp. Carboniferous fossil fern Lc16


Rare fertile fossil fern Sphenopteris preserved sporangia both positive


Perfect complete seed fossil Trigonocarpus Pteridosperm Medullosa fossil fern !


Very Rare detailed fertile fossil fern with preserved spores & sporangia on it !


Rare European fossil fern - beautiful Pennsylvanian pre jurassic fossil plant !


Rare Lonchopteris beautiful detailed venation preerved pre dinosaurs fossil fern


Pennsylvanian two species of fern fossils liana like climber vine Mariopteris


FOSSILS PLANT Palmatopteris furcata Carboniferous fossil ferns Crb2


Rare pyritized 3D fossil plant fern with seed preserved perfect venation !


Neuropteris Fern Fossil - Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Period


5×8" Positive&Negative Museum Quality, White Carboniferous St Clair Fern Fossils


Lot of Annularia Stellata & Neuropteris Fossil Fern from Mazon Creek Pit 11


Huge Eusphenopteris Fern Fossil - Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Period


Mazon Creek Fossils Pecopteris Fern Braidwood, IL Complete


Carboniferous Fern Frond Leaf Fossil from Missouri USA Pennsylvanian Period


6×4" Positive&Negative Museum Quality, White Carboniferous St Clair Fern Fossils


Alethopteris Fern Fossil - Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian Period




Natural 2.4" Fern Leaf Fossil Pair Shale Rock 87.3g. from Missouri Carboniferous


Fossil Fern plant Cretaceous Hell Creek Montana


Double Fern Leaf Fossil Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Period from Missouri USA


13×11" Museum Quality Carboniferous St Clair Pebnsylvania Fern Fossil


Carboniferous Fern Fossil from Missouri USA Gold Pendant Necklace Pennsylvanian


Carboniferous Pennsylvania Fern Fossil Shale Stone 108.6g from Missouri USA